Pirates of Dark Water


Tula not only sells Bloth the First Treasure and the Compass, but has also won his heart. “She is my kind of scum!” Once she delivers the goods, Tula is given the run of the Maelstrom. Ren swears to succeed despite this treachery. With the other prisoners, they plan an escape.

Meanwhile, Ioz and Zoolie have recovered and plan to sneak aboard the Maelstrom and have their revenge on Tula. The pair attacks the Maelstrom and almost succeeds in stealing back the First Treasure and Compass, “For Ren!”

Zoolie escapes overboard but Ioz is captured and strapped to a thick post on deck for all to see. Bloth gloats about his “ultimate victory” over Ren and starts making plans for recovering the last of the Treasures.

That night, while Ren leads the prisoners in their escape, they are surprised to find Tula risking her life. Her motive all this time has been to rescue Theron, one of Bloth’s prisoners. Teron is a specialist in healing environmental problems and Tula has come to have him save her home island. The entire planet is slowly dying as evidenced by huge pools of vile Dark Water. Conditions for Tula’s island have gotten worse and the inhabitants need Teron’s healing powers. Unfortunately, Tula’s rescue plans are thwarted and a huge battle breaks out between Bloth, Ren, and the prisoners.

In the final battle Ren is reunited with Tula and Ioz. The trio reclaims the Compass and the First Treasure and sets the Maelstrom on fire!

As the fuming Bloth puts the flames out on the ship, the Wraith sets sail into the night with a crew now deeply united in Ren’s cause. Having earned the respect of the others, and more importantly, himself, Ren holds up the Compass as they sail in search of the Third Treasure of Rule!