Octopon restored

Octopon restored


Climate: Tropical

Population: Scavengers & Dark Disciples

Octopon is Ren's ravished homeland and the focal point of the entire series.


Octopon is one of the oldest and greatest cities on Mer and was founded over twenty-three hundred years ago by Schwar Primus. Since its founding, Octopon has been ruled by Schwar's direct descendants, and legend states that it will survive as long as there is a living heir to its throne.

At first, Octopon was a boisterous, untamed shanty town, populated by hard workers, dreamers, pirates and vagabonds. A few of them found fortunes, most remained poor. The pirates who wanted riches without working remained nearby and subsisted on robbery and violence.

Despite this, rumors of the great city of Octopon spread, and everyone that was looking for a better future began to migrate here.

So a mass exodus occurred-an immense movement of people which saw more than six thousand enter the area. Boatload after boatload of immigrants arrived, speaking many languages and coming from a multitude of cultures. Almost half were human, with the remaining numbers being humanoid in nature. Despite this cultural hodgepodge, Octopon enjoyed a period of unprecedented prosperity. There was a ready market for all of her agricultural products, and the discovery of a large load of gold just off her coast made Octopon self-sufficient.

This period was quickly ended, however, when the Dark Dweller caused a huge underwater fissure which allowed Dark Water to emerge. On that fateful day, Octopon was all but wiped from the face of Mer. Fires raged uncontrollably, buildings crumbled and the earth itself split asunder.


Octopon is situated in the middle of the southern end of the island, with the once beautiful city now appearing as a scab along a desolate coastline. Its harbor contains nothing more than the battered skeletons of ship hulls, human refuse and clouds of flies. The city itself is in ruins, and its streets are covered with rubble. Only the partial remains of the Lighthouse and the Place of Primus remain standing.

The surrounding landscape is also dead and appears to have been burned to a crisp. Not a single blade of grass remains, and there is no sign of life anywhere. Small bubbling pools of Dark Water dot the entire area and immediately flow toward anyone who approaches within a 100-foot radius.

Although the land is ruined, its topography remains relatively unchanged. To the north lies the Meridol mountains, which stretch to 1000-foot at the highest peak.

The eastern and western parts of the island, which were once mainly grassland, are now nothing more than cesspools of evil, bubbling Dark Water.

Despite the ruin of Octopon, a large community of sea goblins use the ruins as a base for raiding passing ships.