Pirates of Dark Water
Personal Information
Sex: Male
Age: 20 (in human years)
Hair: Multi-colored (feathers)
Height: 3' 4"
Weight: 60 lbs
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Ex-slave
Friends: Ren, Ioz, and Tula
Likes: Food - any kind, any time, anywhere!
Dislikes: Danger, slave traders, hunger
Hometown: Island of Pandawa, planet of Mer
Production Information
Voiced by: Roddy McDowall in the five-part miniseries,

Frank Welker in subsequent episodes.

Niddler saves Ren's life, becoming a loyal friend.

This comical Merian creature is a cross between a spider monkey and a parrot. He kidnaps Ren and takes him to Bloth's ship, the Maelstrom but then helps him escape, becoming Ren's best friend. Though cowardly when the chips are down, Niddler comes through in a pinch...and the way he does it is always good for some comic relief in this high action series.

Niddler is forever preoccupied with creature comforts from bedding, food (particularly minga-melon's, and shelter, to just staying out of the sun or slightest rain. He is the child of our group with child-like impulses. He involves himself in treasure-hunting most reluctantly, but point the way to a bag o' mango, and this simpering simian will brave lava pits and ice sharks to fill his rumbling belly.

Niddler mixes normal-sounding speech with animal sounding grunts and growls. He has a knack for being able to speak bastardized versions of the many Merian dialects our heroes encounter...often to comically incorrect results.

Niddler has a great loyalty to Ren and has flown him out of many a tight situation. Even so, his judgment can be influenced by fear of danger or his bottomless stomach.