Climate: Tropical

Population: 1 human (a small gnome-like man, known as Slaggon, the Bio-Transmuter)


Miragon is a virtually uninhabited island that is rarely visited. It is a relatively young land, being pushed upward from the ocean's bowels only 167 years ago. Due to its remote location and inhospitable terrain, no other historical information about Miragon is available.


Miragon is a swampy island completely surrounded by 150-foot-high cliffs, and, therefore, it is only accessible by scaling the cliffs. Once the cliffs are overcome, a desolate, swampy island comes into view, and, except for an occasional palm tree and a single, spiral cliff, the island appears to be nothing more than mud. Only 10% of Miragon's mass is solid, and what little topography exists seems only to distribute the water-flow into streams, inlets and ponds.

Due to the knee-deep mud, travel on Miragon is difficult by foot, so movement by shallow boat is the most efficient mode of transportation throughout most of this dismal land.