Pirates of Dark Water
"Ay Jitata"
Personal Information
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Occupation: Fortune hunter and pirate warrior
Friends: Ren, Tula, Zoolie, and Niddler
Likes: Gold, treasures, dragon bow, and a good sword fight
Dislikes: Independent women, Bloth, being ridiculed
Hometown: Island of Tayhoj, planet of Mer
Production Information
Voiced by: Jim Cummings/Hector Elizondo

Ioz is a fortune hunter swayed by Ren's noble quest.

He is a mercenary with dubious integrity who will do almost anything for a handful of gold. He is a rugged adventurer who has been in more battles and street brawls than he can remember. For a time Ioz was a member of Bloth's nasty crew of cutthroat pirates.

Looking for a fast profit, Ioz teams up with Ren, who he believes is a naive boy searching for some lost treasure. Learning that Ren is actually on a quest for the fabled Lost Thirteen Treasures of Rule, Ioz becomes furious, but is gradually won over by Ren's integrity and goodness.

In fact, he becomes something of a big brother to the boy, not only protecting him in times of danger, but instructing him in the ways of the swashbuckler. Ioz, above all things, is an expert seafarer, and could probably pilot a ship blindfolded, just by the feel of the ocean.

Having lived the checkered life of a pirate, Ioz probably has an enemy in every port, as well as a woman. Sometimes they're one and the same. Fortunately he also has many friends, like Zoolie, who would not hesitate to aid Ioz when the chips are down.

Though dedicated to the quest, Ioz isn't against taking a detour, now and then, when a ripe situation presents itself. Sometimes he tricks Niddler into a bit of larceny by promising food. Of course Niddler inevitably screws up, invoking the wrath of this not-so-gentle giant, and Ren must throw himself into the fracas for the good of both his friends...and the continuation of the quest.


  • Ioz has a younger sister.So