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Ren and his crew outmaneuver Bloth’s massive ship, the Maelstrom, and escape into the maze-like tunnel of the Atani. They are captured and brought before the subterranean city’s king.

While Ren befriends the Albino King, the secretive Ioz and Tula separately undermine him with their individual goals. Ioz pilfers gold from the palace while Tula steals some mysterious manifests from the royal library.

This apparent misuse of the Atani King’s trust nearly gets our heroes killed. Learning their misdeeds, Ren surrenders himself, his crew and his ship to the mercy of the king. Because of Ren’s selfless noble act, the king takes pity on our hero and frees the entire crew—providing they never return to his land.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Bloth’s right hand man, Konk, who has been seeking them out, wounds Ren with a crossbow and escapes with the compass and the First Treasure of Rule.


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