Dark Water devouers Andorus

Andorus being destroyed by Dark Water

Dark Disciple weilding dark water gun

Dark Disciple weilding dark water gun

From the beginning of time, the Thirteen Treasures of Rule have sealed the heart of our planet. The Treasures, imbedded in a reef far below the sea beneath Octopon itself, have emanated a collective power, nourishing the entire planet with a harmonious life-force.

Then, one day, years ago, the mystical stones were pried loose by a violent and unknown power. They were scattered far and wide in a furious storm of upheaval. From that day forward, the planet headed on a course of slow, degenerative destruction.

The crippling, which at first appeared only spiritually and emotionally, soon took living form in the substance which has become known as Dark Water. This substance oozed slowly, perversely, from the fissure where the Treasures were ripped from the bowels of the planet.

In the early years there were wild tales of a capricious, driving shape that moved across the watery planet, devouring anything unlucky enough to land in its path. Then, slowly, there were more and more sightings of the Dark Water, always moving, consuming and leaving nothing but loss and despair in its powerful wake. The vastness of all that is evil had taken a form... become tangible.... It was the Dark Water.


Dark water is a black, thick partialy sentient ooze. Looking very simillar to petroleum. Its behavior is semi-sentient and it's known that Dark Water is following the orders of the Dark Dweller - its master and creator.


  • Tresures of Rule grant protection from effects of Dark Water
  • Dark Water is a very powerful alchemical ingredient
  • Leviathan skin is partialy resistant to Dark Water
  • Dark Water is used as a fuel for projectile weapons used by Dark Disciples