Pirates of Dark Water


The Wraith follows Konk to an island port surrounded by a dense jungle. This island is populated by a large tribe of monkey-birds who have been enslaved by a group of evil humanoid aliens. Ren and Niddler, distracted away from their original quest, want to help free the monkey-birds. Ioz and Tula think Ren is being foolish and idealistic; after all, there are treasures to be found! The once loyal crew breaks up.

After Ren and Niddler instigate a revolt among the monkey-bird slaves, it seems to Ioz and Tula that Ren has been killed. Ioz and Tula set sail after Konk. They both feel guilty, wondering if they could have done anything to save Ren.

Meanwhile, the tide of the revolt has gone the way of the monkey-birds and their imprisoned queen is returned to power. The Queen rewards Ren and Niddler with the jewel on the front of her crown: the Second Treasure of Rule!

Ren and Niddler set sail to catch up with Ioz and Tula. Unfortunately, their ship is destroyed by a monstrous sea leviathan. Ren and Niddler drift aimlessly in the middle of the ocean until a ship is sighted. It’s Bloth’s warship—the Maelstrom!


  • For the first time in the whole series Black Water was showed